JTIE 2013, 5(1):102-106 | 10.5507/jtie.2013.015


Katedra informatiky, Přírodovědecká fakulta UHK, Rokitanského 62 500 03, Hradec Králové, ČR

The paper focuses on a children's programming language named SCRATCH and community project with the same name. It evaluates not only its unique strengths, but also indicates some reserves. The paper presents several examples which explain how to work with an integrated development environment and create the program composited from the prepared command blocks. This is similar to work with a quality building kit. The attention is aimed at work with graphic elements "sprites" and intuitive multi-threaded programming, in which individual scripts communicate with each other via messaging.

Keywords: programming, algorithms, project, children's programming language, structogram, community site, social network

Published: April 1, 2013

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